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Wastech Controls & Engineering Inc.
is a world-class, full service control system integrator and process engineering company. As a specialist in automation projects, Wastech Controls can provide the services needed to support your projects on time and on budget. Wastech Controls is a certified member of the CSIA (Control System Integrators Association) and a technology partner with the leading automation companies.
Since 1987, Wastech Controls has supplied industrial customers with innovative, turnkey, solutions that improve profits and increase productivity. The company’s engineers use their extensive process experience to insure that (1) your project is engineered and designed to the highest standards for reliable performance, (2) your project is managed tightly to meet your schedule, (3) your project is integrated and fabricated correctly by our trained craftsmen, and (4) your project is managed by experienced engineers from commissioning through validation. We will always support our work with on-site startup, documentation and after sale support as needed. You will have a complete functioning system from the sensors and PLCs to the information management system. Many companies promise results. Wastech Controls has the experience, resources and commitment to insure a successful project.

Also visit our other website www.wastechengineering.com, which highlights Industrial Waste Treatment, pH Neutralization, Pump Lift Stations, Pump Skids, and Chemical Mixing & Batching. In addition to designing and building new systems, we also upgrade or automate older waste treatment neutralization systems.

Custom PLC / HMI & SCADA software

Wastech engineers will automate an existing machine or design a new process using the latest automation components and software. Our engineers support PLC software in the field, make changes or update existing programs, and write new PLC or SCADA programs. We will support or change operator displays and customize HMI presentations on various platforms such as Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation.

Electrical Design & Panel Fabrication

As experienced electrical engineers we will design custom control panels, sensor monitoring panels, motor control panels, or any electrical instrument to UL 508A or UL-698A (hazardous location) standards. Our panels meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our talented craftsmen in our UL-rated panel shop will wire the panel with reliable, named components, label every wire, include the appropriate safety equipment and provide a CAD wiring diaphragm with the panel. Economical standard panels are also available for pump control and sensor monitoring.


Automation of Machines
& Process Equipment

Our engineers will automate an existing machine or design a new process using the latest automation components and software.

Wastech Controls specializes in automating liquid processes and part handling applications. Custom controls and software will be integrated with mechanical components.

Our capabilities include machine vision for inspection, guidance or gauging, motion control, pneumatic control, chemical dispensing for high purity, batching and filling, laser marking and complete integration of various systems and machines.


Chemical Handling & Pumping Skids

Our experienced process engineers will skid mount your entire process for fast installation and operation. We understand process issues from sensors and actuated valves to the specific chemistries in your process and our systems work. With Wastech Controls, you always have “best of class” controls with communication and reporting that meets your specification. Our experience includes process cooling and heating, chemical batching, chemical dispensing, and chemical pumping.
Pump Lift Stations & Dispensing Systems for Hazardous & Corrosive Chemicals

Wastech chemical engineers have the experience to handle aggressive chemicals from acids (including Nitric and HF) to solvents in the laboratory or the plant. Wastech offers standard and custom pump lift stations. Wastech engineers have the experience to automate tank monitoring, chemical metering, chemical mixing and delivery, chemical batching or dispensing and injection with redundant controls, secondary containment and appropriate pumping solutions. Wastech technicians are expert fabricators of custom tanks and piping systems in all thermoplastics from PVDF and TEFLON to PVC.

Automated Industrial Waste Treatment

Wastech manufactures complete waste treatment systems designed to be operated by non-engineering operators. Our systems are skid mounted, our controls are easy to use and understand, and many of our processes are automated. Whether water recycling, waste water separation, heavy metal removal, pH neutralization, or simple monitoring, Wastech has a solution.


System Integration

 PLC Programming
 HMI Software
 SCADA Software
 Chemical Processes
 Machine Vision Systems
 Wireless Monitoring
 Internet Data Collection
 Sensor Integration
 Data Logging
 Remote Sensor Monitors

Custom Machinery

 Automated Inspection
 Automatic Test Stations
 Chemical Mixing Stations
 Liquid Filling Machines

Manufacturing Automation Systems

 Acid Pumping
 Chemical Dispensing
 Energy Monitoring
 Pump Skids
 Pump Lift Stations
 Tank Monitoring/Control
 Chemical Inventory
 Process Cooling
 Hydronic Skids

Control Panel Fabrication

 UL-listed Control Panels
 Explosion-proof / IS
 pH Recording
 Actuated Valve Control
 Leak Detection Panels
 Tank Monitoring Panels
 Tank Inventory Systems
 Recording Panels
 Pump Control Panels
 Lift Station Control
 On-line Sampling
 Analytical Monitoring
 Equipment Enclosures

Industrial Waste Treatment

 pH Neutralization
 pH Adjustment
 Acid Neutralization
 Heavy Metal Removal
 MetFloc™ Chemicals
 Water Recycling
 Vacuum Distillation
 Heat Exchangers
 Solvent Collection
 Chemical Automation
 Upgrade Older Systems
 Field Service

Wastech Resources

 Technical Papers
 Application Notes
 Project Management
 Technology Partners
 Outside Links

Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc.

Tel:  818-998-3500

21201 Itasca Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA


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